We’re not sure if it’s possible to thank every single person who has helped us out over the years, but we’d like you to let us try.  As time permits we’ll add to this page.  Have you contributed and not been acknowledged here?  Contact us and send us relevant info and a website link if you have one.  Organizations like ours don’t build overnight and it’s important that you know we appreciate you.

Our biggest sponsor of all, of course, is our audience.  Without people coming to see our shows, we wouldn’t have an excuse to have this much fun!  Thank you, everyone.

  • We’d like to thank Beaver Municipal Solutions for not one, not two, but three grants for the 2016 year!  Two for the Juniors, and one for our movie project. They have been tremendous supporters of the Junior Players program and we’re very grateful.
  • The building is owned by the County of Beaver but they are under no obligation to provide funding for any of our projects.  That’s why we’re proud to say they helped us out with financial assistance for our movie project, and helped us out with a grant for the 2017-18 Junior Players.
  • The Village of Holden donates the printing of our brochures and scripts for Showcase.  In addition, they too helped out with a grant towards our movie project.
  • Almost all of the photographs you see on this website of our productions are taken by Chris Shin.  Chris’s son Tony was in the Junior Players for a couple of years.  Chris and his wife Hannah run the Holden Esso.
  • Mark Giebelhaus’s Country Bottle Depot regularly donates (and we almost had Mark convinced to play a role in Funny Money…almost).
  • The Alberta Foundation for the Arts became a sponsor as well, thank you AFA
  • Trevor Hadley’s Union Graphics made our t-shirts for the first four Showcases.  He also painted our new Paragon Theatre sign.  He’s also an artist and you can see his work at Holden’s art gallery.
  • Ernie Rudy not only volunteers with us, his company Hummingbird Landscaping & Concrete is a sponsor
  • Beaver County, owner of the Beaver Regional Arts Centre, is great to work with and regularly buys space in our programs;
  • Kristine Winter‘s Holden Stained Glass Gallery & Gifts buys space in our programs as well.  She also made and donated the signs used in The Great Big Wild West Hero Show

Would you like to be added to this list?  Contact us for information on how you can help us share our love of theatre.

The Beaverhill Players is entirely run by volunteers.

We are very lucky to have a small core of very dedicated people who keep the fire burning.  You’ll see who they are if you read the programs because the same names keep coming up.  For our Junior Players program, we couldn’t survive without the assistance of some of the parents who involve themselves and offer assistance in whatever way they can.



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