Annual Theatre Tour

Thanks to a grant from Beaver Municipal Solutions, we were able to conduct this year’s theatre tour at no charge to our students.
As a non-profit organization this is very important to us and we’re grateful for the donation.

From its inception til 2016, the Beaverhill Players received less than $1,000 in the form of grants, relying on our ticket sales for revenue.  This year we’re happy to report that things have changed, and we’re grateful that we could share this experience with our students at no cost to them.  Also, thanks very much to Marvin Annell for driving us in Ol’ Blue yet again!

Our tour started with a show design demo in the Zeidler theatre, where we collaborated in real time on some ideas for a set for a stage production of Lord of the Rings and got some great insights towards show design – not just set, but the logistics of everything from lighting to wardrobe.  Then to the other four theatres at the Citadel with our host, Education & Outreach Director Doug Mertz.


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